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Chorleywood Primary School

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  • Chorleywood Primary School,
  • Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
  • Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire,
  • WD3 5HR
  • Telephone: 01923 282095
  • Email:

Who's Who




Mrs R Roberts





Ms R Jones


Mrs C Lewis / Mrs M Dean

Year 1

Miss H Smith / Mrs A Bettridge

Year 2

Mrs R Willis

Year 3

Mrs C Daver

Year 4

Mrs C Allen

Year 5

Mrs K Hewitt / Mrs J Kirby

Year 6

Miss K Dawson / Mrs V Pearson

Deputy Headteacher

Miss K Dawson

Inclusion Manager / AGT Support

Mrs V Pearson

PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs D Omelia


Teaching Assistants


Mrs M Marandola

Ms K Costello

Mrs H Bulley

Ms A Keenlyside

Mrs L Penberthy

Mrs W Udosen

Miss R Leete

Mrs A Kisimre

Mrs K Bhogal

Mrs V Hughes

Ms J Cresswell

Mrs S Kelly

Ms L CoughlanMiss H BarberMiss G Kelly

Mrs L Archer

Mrs L Wilson

Mrs S Sharma
Mrs D WiddowsonMiss M HuntMiss S Smith
Mrs B Morgan-Allen  


Office Staff  


Mrs M Coomber - School Business Manager


Mrs C Rhodes - Senior Administrative Assistant


Mrs J O'Mahony - Office Administrator

Mrs Lorna Smith - Office Administrator



Support Staff


Site Management

Mr M Tyrer

Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs K Bhogal

School Crossing Patrol

Position Vacant - Please contact the office if you are interested

School Grounds Co-ordinator

Ms C Davies


Music Teachers



Mrs N Campbell-Stanway


Mr J Postlethwaite

Djembe Drumming

Mr K Lowen from Soundbox Music Academy


Ms M Gardner


Mr J Suddick from Soundbox Music Academy


Ms R Jones

Flute & Concert Band

Mrs Verity Allen


Mr K Lowen from Soundbox Music Academy

Vocal Coach

Miss R Parkins


Mr P Fisher
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