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  • Chorleywood Primary School,
  • Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
  • Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire,
  • WD3 5HR
  • Telephone: 01923 282095
  • Email:


We have a School Travel Plan to help us:


  • To continuously assess ideas and investigate new options for sustainable transport; involving pupils and parents in the concept and promotions; eg. Walking bus.
  • To reduce the number of car journeys to school by encouraging parents and children to adopt alternative sustainable transport. This will reduce congestion and parking outside the school.
  • To increase the number of children walking/scooting/cycling for the morning journeys.
  • To work with the Hertfordshire Council Highways and local residents to ensure that the village is a safe place for parents and children to walk/cycle to and from school.
  • To encourage parents and children to consider the healthy choice of transport to school.
  • To improve the children’s knowledge of personal safety when walking and cycling e.g. Teaching Road safety, Walk Safe and Bikeability.
  • To incorporate the School Travel Plan into the School Development Plan.
  • To improve access to the school for parents dropping off and collecting their children.
  • To encourage staff to consider more sustainable transport where possible (this may be difficult as many staff live far from the school).


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