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  • Chorleywood Primary School,
  • Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
  • Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire,
  • WD3 5HR
  • Telephone: 01923 282095
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Secondary Transfer


Important dates – secondary school admissions

1 September 2023

Online system opened for you to apply online.

Sept / Oct 2023

Open events at schools. 

Find individual school details in the schools directory.

31 October 2023

Deadline to apply for a school place.

1 December 2023

Last date to submit a written explanation giving reasons why your application was late, for your application to be agreed as ‘on time’.

If you move house, this is the last date for you to provide evidence of your new address and for it to be considered ‘on time’ in the allocation process.

30 January 2024

Applications received after this date will not be offered a school place until the week of
29 April – 3 May 2024.

1 March 2024

National allocation day

We will email you the school you've been allocated, if you applied online and confirmed your email address.

The online allocation system will be updated with allocations and be made available only after allocation emails have been sent.

If you applied on paper, we will send you a notification letter and response form by first class post.

If you applied online, you can use online facilities including opting out, making a new application and submitting an appeal.

1 – 15 March 2024

Continuing interest lists are created.

Applicants that didn't get any higher preference schools will automatically go on the list for those schools.

Parents or carers should confirm this with schools responsible for their own admissions.

1 – 8 March 2024

Continuing interest applications open.

You can add new preferences for some Hertfordshire schools for the first continuing interest run. Information will be available online from 1 March 2024.

15 March 2024

Last date to accept the place offered.

Online applicants should accept the place online.

Paper applicants should return their response form to the Admissions and Transport Team.

25 – 29 March 2024

First continuing interest run.

We'll contact you with an offer of a new school place, if you're successful.

28 March 2024 (4pm)

Last date to register an appeal.

2 April – 12 April 2024

Continuing interest applications open again.

You can add new school preferences for all schools for the second run of continuing interest.

12 April 2024

Last date to register a change of preferences or for new applications to be added for the second continuing interest run.

29 April  – 3 May 2024

Second (and final) continuing interest run.

We'll contact you with an offer of a new school place, if you're successful at the second continuing interest run.

2 May - 17 June 2024

School place appeals take place during this period (excluding 6 May, 27 May -  31 May 2024).

May – July 2024

If school vacancies occur, places will be filled from remaining continuing interest lists.

21 June 2024

Continuing interest lists (waiting lists) for Year 9 (upper school) and Year 10 (studio school or university technical college) close on 20 June 2024.

To retain your continuing interest for a Hertfordshire upper or studio school or UTC you will need to make an in year application from 21 June 2024.

23 July 2024

Continuing interest lists for secondary schools close on 23 July 2024.

To retain your continuing interest for a Hertfordshire secondary school you will need to make an in year application

All admissions literature for secondary and upper school transfer is available via live webpages. Please click on the link below.

South West Herts Schools Consortium Information 2024-25


Click this link to access the SWHSC website


Click this link to access information regarding key dates in the test process


The South West Herts Consortium is not affiliated with or connected to Herts County Council and they do not administrate School Applications.  Please contact your local authority for secondary transfer applications.

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