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Sports News and Results

Chorleywood Primary School has continued to work closely with the Sports Partnership to ensure sport and competition are delivered to a high standard during these troubling times. We have managed to deliver a range of workshops and virtual competitions across the school.

Year 1 and 2

Multi Skills – Stay Active workshop


Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a “Stay Active” workshop where they learnt lots of PE skills and learnt new activities.





“I liked it because it keeps us fit and strong”

Max, Year 2

“I loved when I went on the ladder and the hurdles.  But the ladder was my favourite because I could go very fast on it”

Elliott, Year 2

“I liked multisports because we did a warm up that was fantastic.  It had lots of activities.  It was really fun when we jumped from spot to spot”

Dani, Year 2

“I loved multi skills because it releases happy hormones.  I loved all of the activities because they were all fun!”

Kian, Year 2

“I loved the hurdles because we had to jump over them and I liked the spots because we had to jump on the spots really fast.  I liked multi-skills because we used up a lot of energy and it was super fun”

Zakary, Year 2

“I loved multi skills because I felt energised”


Year 2

“I loved practicing jumping on spots because I just love jumping so, so much!”

Oliver, Year 1

“I loved the agility best, and I love running around!”

Jimmy, Year 1

“I liked the warm up! I liked the monkey climbing moves!”

Arianna, Year 1

“Balancing the balls on the tennis rackets was really fun because I wanted to see if I could do it and also if I can get better!”

Flo, Year 1

Year 3

Speed Stacking and Boccia


Year 3 enjoyed a speed stacking and boccia activity.


“Speed stacking was so much fun. We had to stack six cups in the middle and on top of eachother. We had to stack 3 cups on both sides. We all did it one at a time. Once they collected them, they had to restack it quickly. My team were the second fastest”

Oliver, Year 3


Year 4

Tri Golf competition.


Year 4 enjoyed taking part in a virtual Tri – Golf competition. The competition consisted of four different golf activities. Bullseye, Tunnel Ball, Grand National and Zone Ball.




“We were in three groups A, B and C, we did three activities, bullseye, tunnel ball and Grand National. We got points for all the activities. We had a lot of fun.”

Harvey and Amelia, Year 4

Year 4

Virtual Dance Competition


Year 4 worked very hard to learn a choreographed dance to “Together in This” by Natasha Bedingfield. We chose this song because all of the children felt this was an important time to remind each other that no matter how hard things are, we can support each other and remind one another of our strengths. Chorleywood Primary School won the Gold Award, coming 1st place out of 11 schools. The children were absolutely delighted!



“To win was an amazing experience. I felt amazing inside, the dance was so fun to do!”

Mia, Year 4

Year 3 and 4

Stay Active session – Basketball


Year 3 and 4 each took part in a Stay Active session where they learnt basketball skills.



“In basketball, we did passing and moving and we also did dribbling. I enjoyed doing the passing because you needed accuracy and then moving to get the ball back”

Billy D, Year 4

“What I enjoyed about basketball was learning how to dribble and pass the ball quickly”

Sienna, Year 4

“I really had fun at basketball and it was so exciting to pass the ball to my friends. I got the ball in the hoop on the first try. I am getting better at bouncing the ball. I am also very happy to be learning basketball because it is my favourite sport!”

Sakura, Year 3



Year 3

Healthy Heroes


Year 3 learnt about the importance of health and exercise in a workshop called “Healthy Heroes”.


“I like Healthy Heroes because we learnt about being healthy even when we are hungry! It was very fun, exciting and healthy!”

Amelie, Year 3



Year 5

Virtual Archery

Year 5 took part in a virtual archery competition.



"In archery, I have learnt that if you pull the string back more, it goes further.If you don't pull the string back more, the arrow doesn't go very far."

Imogen, Year 5

Year 5

Virtual Fun Run

Year 5 took part in a virtual fun run. They were entered into a “family competition” and an “overall competition”.


In the family competition, the girls won the silver award coming second place and the boys won the bronze, coming third place!


"It was very fun and enjoyable.  It also made a lot of people faster."

Charlie, Year 5

Year 5 Play Leader Training


Year 5 took part in Play Leader training. They learnt lot’s of leadership skills as well as learning new games which they can play and deliver to other children.


"In Play Leader training, I learnt that to be a good leader you must listen to other people's ideas and you should always be open minded."


Abbygail, Year 5



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