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September 2017....Chorleywood Scarecrow Competition


Chorleywood Primary School entered a scarecrow for the scarecrow trail that was organised by Chorleywood magazine. The gardening club built Paddington Bear in the kitchen garden last Wednesday for the competition trail which took place last weekend, the theme was ‘Legends’.

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Local children took part in the trail to spot all the scarecrows that were built locally by either shopkeepers, schools or the general public. The money raised will go to the local residential home, Hurstleigh, on Shire Lane.


Gold Medal Win at RHS Garden Wisley Budding Gardener Competition 2017 

This year to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books, the theme is The famous Five go on an adventure!
Aditi was invited as a successful applicant to participate.
 Aditi, age 9 and in year 5, was inspired to design and plant a magnificent mini show garden around the theme of Enid Blyton's Famous Five books.
These wonderful stories featured Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy the dog. The stories were fuelled by pockets of barley sugar and lashings of ginger beer.
Aditi chose to design her garden around a sensory countryside with tunnels and hillocks to hide in and behind. A wonderland of sensory madness incorporating colour and texture.She designed and made all the figures and the dog. She also created a boat which was floating on a small lake within the garden. Her chose of plants included sweet peas, lavender, rosemary and lemon thyme.
Chorleywood primary school gardening club designed and made accessories for the garden, they included skull and cross bone flags to stand proud on top of the hillocks'.
The Royal Horticultural Society in Wisley awarded Aditi with a gold medal!
She said she was overwhelmed with her gold award . She had a great day on the 25th of May building the garden but it was very hot.
The gardens remained at Wisley for one week.
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New Residents Move In to Chorleywood Primary..

Gardening Club has been very busy building a pond on the allotment and releasing some frogs spawn there.

Mrs Davis said "The space was originally homed by a ceramic sink but the frogs found it difficult getting in and out. We are hoping the frogs will prefer our new design which is abour 1.5 m sq.. It is much larger and completely built by the Gardening club. They dug down deep for the pond liner making sure the surfaces were clear of stones and level. Then they placed the liner in the hole and filled with fresh rain water that we have collected from our water butts on the allotment. Recycled wood chips and logs donated by PC Landscapes were placed around the overlap of the liner . The pond has been temporally made safe with a wire grid but we will be building a live willow guard which will go over the full area of the pond. The whole area surrounding it will be made to look like a wildlife area. We are so excited for the frogs,lets hope they will be content in their new habitat."

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21st February 2017 - We are proud to announce that, thanks to our Green Fingered Genius, Mrs Davis, Chorleywood Primary has been awarded £600 from Caterlink, for our School Kitchen Garden Project.

Penny Richards, Divisional Director from Caterlink, wrote:

"We had an overwhelming response which has taken time for the foundation to go through. The stand of applications was fantastic leaving the foundation a hard choice to choose which should be awarded. I am pleased to say Chorleywood Primary School has been awarded £600 which I hope you will be pleased with."

We will make sure we keep you updated on how we will be using the money.