Stag Lane, Chorleywood,
Herts. WD3 5HR.
Tel: 01923 282095.
Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Roberts

Chorleywood Primary School



Statutory Governor Information 


Governor Name

Position of Responsibility

Membership of Committees/Main Roles

Governor Type*

Original Start Date

Current Term

Business or Pecuniary Interests

Other Relevant Interests

Simone Tyson Chair of Governors F&P, P&P, Maths link, Behaviour for learning link, PSHE link, Sports Premium link, HTPM panel Co-opted 16/12/2013 01/06/2015- 31/05/2019 None None
Martin Trevett

Vice Chair /  Chair of Pay & Personnel Committee

F&P, P&P Chair, Year 4 link, H&S link, Complaints panel, Exclusions panel HCC 1977 03/06/2016- 02/06/2020 Son is a member of staff None
Nitesh Patel Chair of Finance & Premises Committee F&P Chair, HTPM panel, Exclusions co-ordinator Co-opted 10/2012 01/06/2015- 31/05/2019 None None
Rebecca Roberts Head Teacher F&P, P&P, SIC Ex-officio 01/09/2010 01/09/2010- 31/08/2018 None Governor at another primary school in Buckinghamshire
Marina Perianez   SIC, Year 5 link, SEND lead, Exclusions panel, Complaints panel, Training co-ordinator Co-opted 04/11/2015 04/11/2015- 03/11/2019 Currently tutors children in the local area, including one pupil at Chorleywood Primary School None
Jane Mansour Chair of School Improvement Committee SIC Chair, Nursery link, Reading link, Humanities link Parent 14/10/2015 14/10/2015- 13/10/2019 None None
Corinne Lewis   SIC, Disadvantaged Pupil lead, Literacy link, Year 6 link Staff 01/10/2015 01/10/2015- 30/09/2019 None


Lindsey Archer   SIC, Year 3 link, Computing link Associate 31/03/2016 31/03/2016-30/03/2020 None None
Peter Adi   Year 2 link, Complaints panel, Exclusions panel Co-opted 01/02/2016 01/02/2016- 31/01/2020 None None
Michelle Coomber School Business Manager F&P Associate 04/09/2015 04/09/2015-30/08/2019 None None
Samantha Evans   SIC, Humanities link, Assessment outcomes link Co-opted 31/03/2016 31/03/2016-30/03/2020 None None
Angela Taylor   P&P, SIC, Year 1 link, Safeguarding/CLA Prevent lead, Complaints panel, Exclusions panel Co-opted 11/02/2016 11/02/2016-10/02/2020 None None
Christina Shearer   Year 6 link, Disadvantaged Pupil lead, Safeguarding/CLA Prevent shadow, Complaints panel, Exclusions panel Co-opted 01/10/2016 01/10/2016- 30/09/2020 None None
Rob Murray   Creative Arts link, Parent 03/11/2016 03/11/2016-02/11/2020 None None
Joanne Malcher Clerk to full Governing Body   Clerk     None None


Leavers (within the last 12 months)


Governor Name

Governor Type*

Original Start Date

Finish Date

Appointed By

Sara Richards Co-opted 01/10/16 08/11/16 Full Governing Board
Derek Frankland Associate 23/09/12 30/08/16 Full Governing Board
Heather Harris Co-opted 01/06/15 30/08/16 Full Governing Board
Ashley Rhodes Parent 01/12/14 30/08/16 Parent election



*Governor type

Ex-officio   - Automatically a Governor because of the office they hold
Staff          - Elected by Chorleywood Primary School Staff
Parent         - Nominated by Parents at Chorleywood Primary School
Associate    - Can attend governor meetings, and contribute fully.  An Associate has voting rights in sub-committees, but not at the FGB
HCC             - Herts County Council-nominated
Clerk            - Employed to support the Governing Body, no voting rights at full governing body or committee level
Co-opted      - Can be from the community, a parent, a member of staff, or nominated from the local authority
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