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Headteacher: Mrs Rebecca Roberts

Chorleywood Primary School

Welcome to Year 5

Owl & PussycatLiteracy

In Literacy this year we look at a variety of different text types and get the opportunity to write many of our own. In our fiction studies we look at the works of significant children’s authors identifying style and content and then write our own short stories based on the ones we have read. We look at traditional stories with a focus on myths and legends which the children all enjoy. We look at how traditional stories are passed down orally from generation to generation and we practice and record our own oral stories. We also get the opportunity to write our own myths based on the features of stories we have read. We look at stories from other cultures comparing them to stories from our own culture. We also have the opportunity to write longer stories using paragraphs and chapters. We look at how film narratives are created and we develop ideas to produce our own film narratives.

We look at some different forms of poetry. We look at narrative poems such as ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes and ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ by Edward Lear. We look at performance poetry and spend some time looking at how poetry should be performed.

In our Non-fiction work we look at writing clear instructions. We spend time looking at writing clear explanation texts which we link to our science topics. We write our own news reports both for newspapers and news bulletins. There are also a lot of opportunities to write different forms of persuasive texts including adverts, trailers and persuasive letters.


We continue to develop our written calculation skills and use these for a variety of problem solving. We look at fraction and decimals and investigate the relationship between them. We also develop higher level investigation skills looking at a variety of different maths puzzles. We also get the opportunity to send a team to participate in the Hertfordshire Maths Challenge against other schools from the area.


Our History topic in year 5 is the Victorians. We look at the changes that occurred in Victorian times and the people who were instrumental in allowing these changes to take place. We contrast life for rich and poor people in Victorian times and how the changes affected them. We focus on Victorian schools and we have our own Victorian school day where the children dress as Victorian children and have the chance to experience what school life might have been like for a Victorian child. We also look at Chorleywood in Victorian times, looking at buildings that still exist from that period and exploring how the area has changed since Victorian times.

We also get a chance to visit the Houses of Parliament to see the history that surrounds these buildings. As well as getting the chance to meet with our local MP and see how parliament works nowadays.


Our Geography topic this year is all about water and rivers. We look at the water cycle and the effect it has on our landscape. We look at how rivers are formed, how they travel from their mountain sources to the sea and the changes that occur along the way. We also look at the impact these rivers have on the people who live near them.


Science display

We spend time looking at keeping healthy, focussing on the effect exercise has on our body and some of the dangers of smoking and alcohol. We also look at lifecycles in various habitats. We investigate gases around us and how we can change states of materials through evaporation and condensation. We look at the earth, sun and moon and how they function within our solar system. We examine instruments and discover how they make sounds and how those sounds can be changed.


We look at using ICT programs to manipulate graphics to produce posters. We look at searching databases and think about how to check the accuracy of the data we search. We use formulas to create our own spreadsheets. We look at using ICT to control devices and also to monitor temperature and light changes in our environment.

D & T

Musical InstrumentsIn Design and Technology we use what we have learnt in science, about how sound in produced, to design and make our own musical instruments.
We also investigate how bread is made and look at the different varieties of bread that are available, then we design and make our own.
We also look at a variety of different moving toys and then use simple cam mechanisms to make our own moving toys.



ClayIn art this year we spend some time looking at the skills needed for observational drawing and we use these skills to produce our own still life pictures. We also look at how textiles are used in art and then work in groups to retell well known stories through fabric pictures. We also get the opportunity to use various clay techniques to produce pots and containers.


We look at performing music both singing and playing instruments. We look at using music to create different atmospheres and in groups we create our own ‘space music’. We also have to opportunity to learn a variety of different instruments in school as well.


In Religious Education we look at signs and symbols in religion and the different reasons these are important. We learn about key figures in Judaism as well as looking at the Passover festival and holy week. We compare creation stories form different religions looking at similarities and differences. We also look at the roles of religious leaders and how these roles differ from one religion to another.


This year we learn Dance skills, Football and Gymnastics. We also look at Tag rugby, Rounders and athletics. We go to the local swimming pool for swimming lessons and we also have the chance to learn Tri-golf.